Thursday, July 5, 2012



After reading Frank Ocean's Tumblr, where his 'coming out' letter is posted, I came to the conclusion that while the singer is admitting to having fallen in love with a man at a point in his life, he doesn't admit to being straight-out gay. I don't know how twitter and several media came to the conclusion that he is. I am not arguing that Frank Ocean might be straight, I'm simply saying men who fall in love with other men can also be bisexual rather than gay. There is a difference. And at 19, the age he says he was when he fell in love with this man, I honestly think the journey to finding oneself is only at its infancy.
For me, the reaction to Frank's alleged coming out highlights the hypocrisy of a lot of gay men. They often talk about the freedom coming out of the closet gave them but in speaking of that freedom there is no room left for those who don't want to be defined as necessarily gay to reserve that right. To most gay men, once you admit to being in love with or having feelings for another man you are simply gay. Whoa unto you should you ever find yourself in a situation where you fall in love with a girl. It's just not allowed! 
I doubt any human being has a full understanding of sexuality, I personally prefer to see it as fluid. And I find it hypocritical for people who understand the feeling of oppression to take a stance that is potentially oppressive to others.

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