Friday, July 16, 2010

What You on About? Men have BEEN rocking Leopard Print

Lol. I stand corrected! After posting a blog titled "Leopard Print for men. Would you let him?" a friend of mine sent me a text message to say although she wouldn't let her man rock any other leopard print, the leopard print vest that Zulu men wear is fine. And the penny dropped! Men have BEEN wearing leopard print and I want to assert this in the fashion circles.
How? I want to rock a leopard print vest and fuse it with my style at the next fashion do I go to. I'm sure the likes of Felipe Mazibuko have done it before, but I'll do it anyway. This, here, is my opportunity to rock leopard print without having the glare of fashion-backward folk on me.
I need to find me that Zulu vest! Pronto!

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