Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Digital Print Might Just Drive Me Drag!


I think digital print is quite exciting and I always have to pinch myself when I see it in fashion spreads as I think of how wonderful that digital print skirt would be to own. But then I'm a boy. I pride myself in not caring what people think but I wouldn't take it as far as wearing a skirt, just because I can't resist it. Maybe I should just start a museum in my room, buy and store all the girly items I want but can't wear. I think it would be one exciting exercise if, of course, I will not be tempted to put it on like Captain Shakespeare in "Star Dust".
Above are some pics from the Jak and Jil Blog. Tommy Ton, who says he always needs convincing about Miu Miu, took these off a shop window and methinks I like. Maybe I ought to find myself a designer who can interprete all things girl into something I can wear without people thinking "drag"!

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