Thursday, July 15, 2010

Magazine Beauty Sections Are Skin Shallow

I read an article in the beauty section of the ELLE UK May 2010 issue. Lord knows beauty sections are not my thing; they simply don’t speak to me with their advertising of beauty products for women. This one article in particular, however, grabbed me and I ended up reading the whole thing. It was a story of a woman who found that her eating habits may be the reason for her bad skin. The many skincare products she has in her cupboard were not helping and what was revealed to her is that the products also need a helping hand by way of a diet that enhances rather than hampers the skin’s natural self-healing abilities.

Amongst other reasons- like value for money, with articles that I can read over and over again and plenty of content- I immediately became an ELLE UK convert and I buy the magazine every month now.
Just a couple of minutes ago I read an article in the New York Times about beauty and ageing titled “Aging Gracefully, the French Way”. It’s contents aside, methinks if magazines can have beauty sections that are engaging rather than being a medium that pushes beauty products at little or no advertising cost to the producer it would add much value to the publications we(ok, maybe just "women" for argument's sake) hold so dear.


styleidol said...

Ah thank you, spot on!I'm one of those ppl who don't even bother with the beauty sections..all full of red lips this, beauty aging cream that..yuk!I would def. appreciate an article like that!

Sandiso Ngubane said...

Heya! Lovely David West shirt you got there! Thanks for the comment.