Thursday, July 1, 2010

LaQuan Smith's inner woman

LaQuan posing with a fan, I suppose

"It's an expression of the woman inside of me," said 21 year old New York designer LaQuan Smith, who will today showcase a collection at Africa Fashion Week. I was with former ELLE editor and now Times Columnist Jacquie Myburgh-Chemaly when we spotted the tall American and decided to go over to him for a chat. The outgoing LaQuan began telling us of his love for fashion, his muse (nightlife), Rihanna and how she embodies his brand as well as how all 20-something (forgotten the precise figure) pieces that will form his collection tonight were done in his bedroom in Queens with very little more than his "ten fingers".
I first read about LaQuan in a New York Times article and blogged about it and it was such a great pleasure to meet the New York fashion underdog in person. And what a sparkling personality indeed! Hope the show will be much similar.

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Terence Sambo said...

Gr8 blog u got here...thanx for stopping by mine...will follow ur coverage of the Africa Fashion Week