Monday, July 12, 2010

Luxury Brands make web retail debut

a page from Hugo Boss's online store, from

Marc Jacobs will soon be retailing its products on the web following the slashing of prices by department stores as they tried to weather the tumultous effects of the global recession. Luxury brands feared the loss of exclusivity and have now seen the light; direct sales to customers over the internet.
Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Vince, LancĂ´me, St. John, Theory, Kiehl’s, Lilly Pulitzer, Donna Karan and La Perla are all- according to the New York Times- either already selling or are in the planning stages of making a retail presence on the web.
Methinks it was only logical and maybe this will bring them more clients from places where, although spending power is available, these brands are simply only accessible through boarding a plane to the nearest fashion centre. Problem is; some of these companies are refusing to give discount sales on the web. This might be detrimental to an otherwise brilliant idea.

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