Sunday, May 6, 2012


South African record labels are resting on their laurels busy signing acts that the youth really don't relate to. Think about it- artists that sell in modern day South Africa are those in the adult contemporary categories like Afro Pop. Bo-Zahara and the like. The youth are not buying local music because, one, there is little innovation in the way music is sold to them and, two, the music being sold to them is simply crap. I don't know if these guys would even consider being signed but Dirty Paraffin, the Jozi duo consisting of OK Malume and Doctor Spizee, are an interesting pair with an interesting sound. I've been excited about it for a couple of years now and I do believe they are up there with the likes of Spoek Mathambo and BLK JKS in bringing South African music up to date and keeping things fresh. Found their new video 'Papap! Papap!' online and would like to share it with you. From the styling in the video to the lyrics- this is where popular culture is. Walala wasala!

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