Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So, I'm off to Cape Town in less than 48 hours for a trip I've been postponing for quite some time now. Besides a little work that I have to do there, Malibongwe(of Skattie What Are You Wearing) and I are doing more collaborative stuff, which I'll tell you about after the trip.
Speaking of Cape Town- wouldn't it be nice if the city and its textile industry could kick China's butt to a point where everyone manufactures locally? With China's cheap labour this is perhaps a pipe dream. For now!
I went to the Holmes Bros store in Rosebank the other day and found the 'Cheers China' label on their tee's quite inspiring and cheeky(in a good way). So, there you go: Holmes Bros is one of those that are designed and manufactured at home! Love it!

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