Sunday, July 4, 2010

A display of the unnecessary, the stylish and the spectacular at AFW

Africa Fashion Week- an event largely plagued by obvious disorganisation- came to a spectacular end with a circus themed Kluk CDGT showcase. Clowns prounced around, a ballerina tippy-toed and a gymnast hung acrobatically on threads hanging from the ceiling as models strut in gold, silver and all-round shimmery garments- leopard print, tight silhouettes, patent suits, harem pants and various timeless dresses.

The build-up to this came with a less spectacular, yet undeniably stylish Thula Sindi showcase where tight mini-dresses graduated to classic Thula Sindi flowy, multi-frill and pleated, glamorously bedecked dresses and suits that scream corporate glitz. The Thula Sindi woman is obviously a boardroom kind of missus.
This was followed by a Carducci showcase that I failed to see a point to. Are shows not meant to be just that- shows?!! In my books a fashion showcase is the exhibition of looks offered by a particular brand in a particular season. As to why Carducci felt that showing us the various colours in which their men’s suits come boggles the mind. The Carducci women’s show followed suit, ending with a showcase of LDBs. We understand that Carducci has LBDs on offer for the season. Do we need to see all the LBDs though?
In hind-sight the last day of Africa Fashion Week brought a mixed back of the good and the slightly unnecessary. Questions remain as to why Stoned Cherrie and Stiaan Louw pulled out and methinks the rumour that, in the case of Stoned Cherrie, a Ghana world cup match was the reason is absolute garb!

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