Monday, July 12, 2010

Raf Simmons's "Bubbleboy" Avant-Garde Man

pics from
Tight upper body silhouettes; pullovers, sleeveless shirts and waistcoats with zippers that stretch from the neckline to the belt line like an embedded tie along the middle. Loose fitting pants; what I like to describe as the “bubbleboy fit”. If Raf Simmons’s 2011 Spring collection is anything to go by, then this is where menswear is heading. Yes, the normal, perfect-fit suit and tie dress code was present on the ramp, but I never pay attention to such. It’s always the new take on what already exists that excites me. Check out Raf Simmons’s 2011 spring collection on this GQ slideshow. I love my skinnies, but this here I think I like.

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