Thursday, July 1, 2010

"African time" and little much else at Africa Fashion Week

The 2nd annual Africa Fashion Week got off to a not-so-smooth start last night at the Sandton Convention Centre with shows delayed by 45 minutes. I missed the first show, but managed to see the second one; a display of glitz and shimmer by Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe. Her cocktail dresses were an exhibition of workmanship with lots of detail in the form of sequins and mermaid-like frills and pleats, at times. Deola, I gathered, places very little emphasis- if any- on Afrocentricity rather going for modernity.
Up next was Soucha and Heni. I found it hard to find a particular theme behind Soucha's show, which came first in the back-to-back showcase. The menswear in the show, for me, was a regurgitation of Heni's menswear line shown at Joburg Fashion Week; androgyny, dropped crotches (harem pants) and mostly bare chested models.
I opted to miss the next show and instead stood around sipping wine and chatting to various people as we all waited for the famous midnight spectacle, as we were promised, of David Tlale's show. Originally scheduled to take place at 9.30, Tlale wanted to show at midnight "because there's lots to set up", the producer said. He added that AFI had insisted that they showcase at the venue rather than outside as Tlale had done in January for JFW.
I have to mention that saying my breathe was taken away would be a lie. I found myself falling asleep at times; tired and serenaded by the orchestra that accompanied the 60 models, who never once came out a second time in a different outfit. The females had butterlfly masks over one eye, owing to the inspiration of the collection. Tlale obviously spared no cent for this showcase.


Anonymous said...

Did it maybe dawn on you that the Wine you consumed could've been the result of your falling asleep?

Blckseed said...

Maybe... but midnight on a Wednesday is also way past my bedtime.