Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Craig Native makes a return at Cape Town Fashion Week

A coupla grand in my purse would help. I'll give anything just to catch a glimpse of Cape Town Fashion Week 2010. Being a freelancer, media houses are seldom willing to pay for your travel expenses. So, there goes that!
Well, the list is out and Craig Native (pictured)- whom I've been wondering about for a while- is set to end his fashion week haitus when he showcases alongside other big names in South African fashion from Craig Port (who is becoming my fave menswear designer in SA, but will be showcasing women's wear this year), David West (I need me one of your shirts), Stoned Cherrie (so, it wasn't a fall out with AFI, after all?), Stephanie Morland and Kluk CDGT amongst other established and emerging designers.

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mandisa said...

oh wow! I can't wait to see what Native has in-store for us. Craig Port women's wear, interesting indeed!