Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight is quite dramatic, Tlale!

There’s a dramatic draped dress by David Tlale in the July 2010 issue of ELLE, where designers were asked to look through their archives and come up with the most memorable of their designs for the magazine feature celebrating proudly South African fashion. It’s a beautiful, quintessentially Tlale number.

I don’t know about y’all, but my sole reason for fashion as my subject of choice over politics or even entertainment is because it is something that touches every aspect of our lives (not to say the other two don't, but fashion's effect is more immediate). Fashion is an expression of who we are and I love writing about that, provided the necessary stimulation is apparent in a particular dress, shirt, skirt or shoe. I like fashion shows that grip every sense of my being and engage me, hence fashion show production is so important, I believe.
Tlale, in my experience, has never lacked the necessary drama and ability to grip one’s attention. And for this reason, he is probably a role model for many a student designer out there. It was therefore quite a disappointment when I heard that, contrary to the schedule sent to the media by Total Exposure for the current Africa Fashion Week, Tlale would not be showcasing at 9.30pm but at midnight.
It’s the middle of winter and there’s a three hour gap between his show and the one before. I can’t imagine what I will be sitting about doing at the Convention Centre as I wait for the showcase. I’m not sure what Mr. Tlale’s reasoning behind this was, but I am hoping that if I do stay for his show there’ll be zero room for regret. Looking back on his past show I have no reason to doubt that I will indeed be impressed.
With all that said; midnight is quite dramatic. But then again, so is the Tlale brand. We shall see.

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