Monday, June 14, 2010

Trendspotting: Men In Heels


I can imagine a goth dude in them, but will the craze catch on?

In the UK, new reports say men are wearing heels. Some have been seen on the red carpets and at fashion shows. And it’s not about drag queens and cross-dressers; these heels are tailored specifically for a man’s foot. Gareth Pugh and Marc Jacobs are wearing heels, but how practical is it for the rest of the male world?
Somehow I see this trend catching on with fashion-forward gender-benders whose favourite hang out spots include Rosebank and the sidelines of fashion week. It’s a fashion fad pushed a bit too far. But, I like it anyhow!


SAM said...

OMG-eeeee i just thru-up alittle in my im scared of this trend because men are turn metro to wo-men!! lol but loving the blog :)

Maque DeGorgeous said...

loving this new (but old) trend!!!

just scared it might turn into an explosion of cross-dressing if not carefully monitored!

will i try it? hell YEAH! gimme a pair of Proenza boots or those lovely D-Squareds, or better yet; ANY architectural McQueens! Balance is my key... BALANCE (not just on the stilt-like shoes but the overall look: feminine vs camp vs masculine