Monday, June 21, 2010

Cruise Shows, fashion's money spinner

The Financial Times reports that designers in the western world are showcasing collections outside of the conventional fashion week platform. These are in-between season shows organised by the design houses themselves and they are becoming serious money spinners for brands like Dior and Chanel, amongst others.
“These days, we need to show outside Paris. We needed to do something in China," says Sidney Toledano, Dior's chief executive.
The term "cruise shows" was, according to FT, coined back in the '70s when designers would host cruise shows for wealthy customers as they sought new wardrobes during the holiday season.
The growing popularity of these shows is a clear sign of fashion week's declining influence on fashion and methinks South African fashion designers can gain a whole lot through this concept by taking their brands to cities in our country where fashion week has no reach and where their brands are not readily available to consumers. If possible, why not even take the brand to Nairobi or Lagos?

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