Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't (Re)Touch My Marie Claire

I haven't quite begun devouring the pages of my Marie Claire July 2010 copy, which has an exquisite Gossip Girl star Blake Lively cover, but one particular feature that caught my eye as I paged through is one about the retouching of photos in magazine, courtesy of the evil photoshop tool. Okay... maybe its not evil, but the use of it, to portray non-existent perfection is not so wholesome.
To illustrate the extent to which photoshoppers go to create perfect looking celebrities, Britney Spears's before and after photoshop pics are there, and the difference is quite amazing. Kudos to the likes of Jessica Simpson for allowing Marie Claire to photograph and publish their pics sans photoshop, just to let people out there know that the perfection is actually a fantasy. Some of us need to know this in order for us to refrain from tourchering our faces and bodies to achieve the impossible.
I hope Marie Claire SA is looking at doing its own unretouched cover soon. Twould be great, methinks!

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