Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fantastic for Fashion: Press Day

It wouldn't hurt now, would it? A designer, just before fashion week begins, invites journos, bloggers and other style analysts to join him or her for a little session where they present their collection and interact with the media in a more intimate space than the hallways of the Turbine Hall or the Sandton Convention Centre.
I love what SA Fashion Week did in March, where they had media and buyer sessions, which would allow for this to happen but think it would perhaps be better if this is done away from the busy fashion week schedule, maybe the night before a designer goes to show.
This would kill two birds with one stone; industry observers who aren't able to make it to the shows can still give their reviews of the collection and, secondly, a deeper understanding of direction can be given by the designer to those who inevitably go out to the world and crit. At least, then, criticism can be based on the designer's own presentation of what they tried to achieve rather than people having to crack their skulls trying to figure it out and end up giving their own opinion or even worse, not give any exposure to the collection at all!
It's being done elsewhere in the world, I'm not sure why South African fashion cannot follow suit!

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