Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nike in South Africa

Nike, the sportsbrand that is driving my friend Emmanuelle insane with their exceptional and innovative sneaker collections, was in South Africa to open a football training facility today and yours truly had the honour of meeting the president and CEO Mr. Mark Parker.
I had a little chat with him courtesy of Dazed and Confused about Nike's relationship with Africa and the training facility, which is Nike's contribution to the Soweto community. The centre has four world class pitches and a club house that is fit- in my opinion- to host a splash of a bash. In other words, it is of transcendent beauty. A truly spectacular gem which I'm sure was not cheap to design judging by the ultra cool interior.
The centre also offers an HIV/Aids counselling program as part of the life skills program that Nike is offering at the facility.
I took an Aids test there and got Nike laces as part of their "Lace Up, Save Lives" campaign in conjunction with (RED). I'm happy to announce that the result was a positive experience for me.

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