Sunday, March 16, 2014


Heard about the big, childish Omar Epps skirt controversy yet? Yeah. Well, Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian has been going on rants about why men should not be wearing skirts and, in not so many words, actually accused Omar Epps of having homosexual tendencies. Read all about it on Nicole Bitchie.
My view on men and skirts has always been that people should wear whatever it is they feel comfortable in. In his own defense to the Lord Jamar attack Omar Epps said it was a shame that African-Americans are so out of touch with where they came from they actually don’t realise pants are something Africans adopted from Western culture. True! I’m Zulu and our traditional garb, which men still wear today at cultural functions and the like, has no trousers that I know of. It is only the contemporary uMbhlaselo pants which, mind you, were made according to Western fashion standards that prescribe pants as the only acceptable norm for men. Epps’s argument was not enough for Mr. Conscious. He carried on his rant as you will see on Nicole Bitchie. How typical of so-called conscious artists to think they have all the answers!!! *cues Kanye West*

Anyway. I went to Fashion in the Forest held at Groot Constantia on Saturday where several designers including Stiaan Louw showcased small collections. I thoroughly enjoyed Stiaan’s show. I particularly liked a check shirt dress which, no doubt, Lord Jamar and all his consciousness- read: small-mindedness- will most probably not approve of. Menswear designer Kim Gush had my most favourite of all the looks. Yes… The shirt and skirt, pictured above.

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Anonymous said...

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