Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I like the idea of Google Glass, but I've always worried about its aesthetic value. Every time I see a guy wearing a wireless earpiece, walking around, talking- obvs on the phone- but looking like he's a mad man involved in a conversation with himself, I just look at... I say "guys" because I've never seen a woman doing it. The men are usual suited up, too, briefcase in hand and it all just makes me want to say "you speak to yourself? What a douche" even though I know he's talking to someone at the end of the line!  Basically, for me, the bluetooth earpieces go under the douche-device category along with Hummers, Ed Hardy tees, white square-toe shoes, shades in the club and turned-up shirt collars! Looking at some of the Google Glass designs that are currently out I always think of how I wouldn't want to be spotted in one of them glasses looking like some sort of cyborg. This would automatically put me in the same category as the aforementioned "douches". So, this morning when I read that Luxottica, the owners of Sunglass Hut and makers of some of the finest eyewear (Prada, Miu Miu, Ray Ban- my favs- et al), and Google have teamed up on the Glass project I thought this could be a positive for Google Glass. It gives a company with actual experience in designing eyewear the opportunity to take Google Glass to a broader market beyond the douches and likers-of-things who will obvs want to wear Google Glass in its current form just to claim they were "early adopters". It's definitely a nice deal for Google and I'm glad they thought of it because, honestly, we are already walking around tweeting, Googling and emailing on our smartphones all the time. Why not take it to the next level by doing so without having to hold the actual device in your hand and without having to compromise style by looking all douchey? Don't worry about me, I just get excited about innovation, that's all! But only if those Luxottica-designed Google Glasses will look like the Prada Cinema shades, pictured above, or at least something along those lines. Bona! Stylish and 'techy'. Not tacky!

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