Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last week was such a hectic one down here in Cape Town. Between the Design Indaba, the Cape Town Arts Fair, Guild and many other things that were taking place all at once, exhaustion was somehow bound to set it. This is especially if, like me, you also like to get down and boogie rather than just going to the talks, looking at the works of creative folk and calling it a day. Nuh uh! I also wanted to tap my feet, clap my hands and bop my head, which i did. I went to many a club and many a music event but my favourite night was at The Assembly on Thursday night when OKMalumKoolkat took the stage and even had an impromptu cameo by Mos Def. I'm quite sure you heard about that! Mos Def, let me tell you, was rapping along with Malume, who had us all eating out of his hand already, and I later found out that Def is a fan of Dirty Parrafin. Who would have thought and just how amazing is that? It just goes to show that we have lots of talent here at home in South Africa. It makes me smile to hear such things.
Anyway… I thought I had taken more pictures than I actually did, so sorry for you but the picture above of Malumkoolkat on stage will just have to do. x

Editor's Note: Mos Def now calls himself Yasiin Bey

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Thando said...

Yo wena Sandiso, I'm a fan of OKMKK and MosDef, I've been searching for that clip of Bey and Malume all day, I can't find anything.
I wish I would have been there.