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Vintage is one of those trends that the kids have taken to so much I doubt we are about to see it fade any time soon. But while others choose to look like they've just leapt out of a terrible music video from the late 80s or early 90s, some like Kabelo Kungwane are very particular about their take on vintage. The Johannesburg-based journalism student and stylist has been popping up everywhere in the city's social scene along with his friends and they are all, more often than not, dressed impeccably in tailored suits. I remember snapping them at STR CRD last year and since then I've seen them appearing in a variety of street style blogs and Kabelo, specifically, was last year shot by international blogging superstar Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist blog. Kabelo tells us a little more about that and his style:

SN: What do you do?
KK: I'm a student studying journalism,stylist and I design ties that I'm making with my friends 

SN: Do you have a fashion philosophy? What is it?
KK: I believe in understanding what works for you and keeping it simple.

SN: Who are some of your favourite designers and why?
KK: Thom Browne because he is a genius and an amazing artist. I also love United Arrows they doing a great job collaborating with Nick Wooster.

SN: What do you think of South African street style? Any blogs you are into?
KK: I think South African street has a long way to go in terms of being creative and original and being able to be put besides the likes of leading fashion countries like Italy and France. We are on the right track and we just need to understand what works for us as Africans to establish an identity for our style as South Africans. Blogs I'm into: and of course

SN: You were one of the very few people Scott Schuman shot when he was in the country during Africa Fashion Week. What did he say to you and what was going through your mind as he took pictures of you?
KK: Scott gave me a lot of encouragement. He saw that I'm passionate about what I'm doing (and) told me one day I'll go to Pitti Uomo and meet some of my style icons and also learn from them. 

SN: Where do you shop?
KK: Charity auctions and asking for clothes from my Granddad.

SN: You and your friends often pop up at social gatherings looking dapper and it's quite a sight to look at. What inspires the way you guys dress?
KK: We are inspired firstly by Africa; simple life struggles and passion for our people. We are also inspired by artists- from musicians to painters to photographers and 'Art Comes First'. We love their movement. It is so inspiring. 

SN: Thoughts on South African menswear?
KK: Personally, I believe that South African fashion doesn't really focus on menswear a lot -judging from fashion weeks- and I find it discouraging but I'd love to change that in the future :) 

All images, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of Kabelo Kungwane

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