Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vogue Africa idea rejected by Publishers

Photographer Mario Epanya's fictional Vogue cover. Vogue Publishers conde Nast rejected the idea of an African Vogue.

In May this year I posted about fictional covers of an African Vogue edition created by photographer Mario Epanya. In July, reports in The Independent UK indicated that Vogue publishers Conde Nast rejected the idea of an African edition of Vogue. This is regardless of the success of their other publication GQ, Glamour and House and Garden already being published in South Africa. So, why not Vogue?
I don't have the answers to this but I do think the calls made by some to boycott their publication on the African continent reflect what I find to be an inferiority complex on the part of African fashionistas.
So the f#&* what if Vogue Africa doesn't exist or never comes into existance, for that matter?! Do we really need it? Yeah, yah, yeah, t'would be great to have it. Maybe it could boost Africa's standing on the world fashion stage but is it necessary for us to act like a bunch of spoilt brats by boycotting Conde Nast altogether? It's just not worth it. We need to appreciate ourselves and not look, once again, to superpower conglomerates to validate our fashion existance. How about our own publishing houses invest in a proper fashion magazine rather?
With all due respect- and I do respect them- but for me Arise Magazine don't cut it as a fashion mag. It's a lifestyle magazine with an extensive fashion coverage, but that's about it!
If a Vogue Africa existed, I repeat, I wouldn't mind being part of the editorial team. But now that I know that it is not going to materialise- at least not any time soon- I'm like "get over it!"

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