Saturday, August 21, 2010

Issues about the September Issue

The ELLE SA September 2010 issue. Less than exciting.

I am quite surprised at the fact that RJ Cutler- the producer of the Vogue documentary “The September Issue”- has not yet been named one of fashion’s most influential people. Well, at least in the past year or so methinks he should be on that list. And not just on the list but quite high on it, too. You see, September, being the January of fashion, is when the new year is ushered in and magazines hit the jackpot as advertisers clamour for space. September issues fly off the shelves because they serve as a gauge for consumers of what is “in” or “out”. Collections are reviewed and fashion editors, it seems, put their best feet forward at this time of the year. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the culture that exists in fashion. If you absolutely have to, however, I’d say “this fall” is America’s favourite fashion season.

To get back to the point, RJ Cutler should be on the list of fashion’s most powerful because following the release of his film it seems he has resuscitated the excitement that comes with the month of September. A Financial Times article by Vanessa Friedman explains how this trend seems to be taking hold, at least in the northern hemisphere. Down here in South Africa I’m surprised that magazines are yet to realise the power of September. Methinks it should be all that more exciting because September is when we go into the sunny seasons yet the fashion spreads (well, at least ELLE’s because Marie Claire ain’t in stores yet, I have looked and looked) are not all that different from any other month. What I know for sure, though- excuse me if I sound like Oprah- is that fashion lovers place much value on The September Issue and it wouldn’t hurt for fashion editors to play along. It’s not even a guessing game; ad revenue will mos def increase over the years if only one month was a time to look forward to when you head for the book store to stock up on your monthly fashion reads.

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Maque DeGorgeous said...

Where do I start?

I agree with you that magazines need to mark the beginning of a fashion year (which is traditionally September) and Spring is just the perfect season for that, how fortunate are we? BUT "Fall" is the beginning of a fashion season, isn't? so do we celebrate ours in March?

Furthermore, i do not think our publishers want to adhere to the "Vogue" tradition so I doubt if we will see a bang in September... yes, peeves me off too!