Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show Your Respect and Passion for the Fashion Industry!

I will not mince my words! When I read a twitter update by fellow blogger Maque DeGourgeous about a probable Pretoria Fashion Week I surprisingly felt no anger as is usually the case when people insult the world of fashion in this disappointing manner. What I felt instead was shame for whoever the idiot convening this event is. I've done no research into it, as I am not in the slightest interested in yet another idiotic "fashion week" venture.
One thing is clear. The conveners of Pretoria Fashion Week have done little to no research into the viability of such an event. Had they done so, they will know that no fashion commentator, blogger or journalist is in support of ludicrous initiatives that lack substance, disguising as much needed platforms for local designers. Had these people, who obviously have lots of dough to throw around on useless projects, done any research they would understand that organising yet another "fashion week" is detrimental to the industry as it segments rather than builds it. What this petty initiative will do, like all other such ludicrous ideas, is to promise some talented aspiring designers some or other form of recognition and what it will deliver is much disappointment and sheer confusion about what it takes to be a designer worthy of a fashion week showcase.
Few designers in South Africa are worthy of this and thanks to the likes of Pretoria Fashion Week the standard will drop to a new low.
I appeal to fashion writers, bloggers and editors with an ounce of respect for what they do to boycott this sort of insult on the fashion industry. I also appeal to aspiring designers to respect their craft by refining it and by aiming to showcase at credible fashion week platforms. Anyone who entertains this stupidity is obviously a fashion slave who lacks substance and believes fashion is about little more than pieces of cloth sewn together to make anything that resembles a garment.

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