Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Closets are the Future!

Recycled fashion, pic from
I recently blogged about ethical fashion and why it is probably not catching on, where I came to the conclusion that people are just too lazy to think about what they wear beyond looking and feeling good. What we tend to forget is that we also have a planet to take care of; she also needs to “look and feel good” in order for her to take care of us, as it were.
Last night I came across an article about how designers in the US are toying with the idea of “zero-waste” fashion, which basically involves a designer making patterns that do not allow for left over scraps of fabric. This in turn eliminates a large number of garbage that ends up in landfills the world over.
Fashion, like every other industry in the world, needs to play along with the green game. It’s not just the Eskoms and Sasols of this world that have a contribution to make. We all do!
I say thumbs up to zero-waste fashion. If you know of any South African designers who uses this approach, please do let me know; I’d like to pledge my support.

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