Wednesday, March 31, 2010

War of the Fashion Directors!

First came Sharon Becker, ELLE's now former fashion editor and now Zanele Khumalo, who served as ELLE's Beauty Editor and Joburg Bureau Chief until her new appointment. Is ELLE bleeding staff?
It all started with former ELLE Features Editor Aspasia Karas, who left her most recent job at The Times newspaper, when she was appointed editor at Marie Claire early this year. She, in turn, appointed Sharon and now they've pulled Zanele back into the Associated Magazines stable.
I can't wait to see what will happen; will Marie Claire shed it's "mature ladies' read" image? Will ELLE's circulation come under pressure?
And now it's Chris Viljoen versus Sharon Becker. The Fashion Director Death Match!
Mmmmm.... exciting times!
The two glossies will remain on my shopping list though. For now! Lol.
No... forever!
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Maque DeGorgeous said...

Marie Claire and Elle are on the top of my shopping list these days - since the thieving that's been done (from Elle to Marie Claire). Lur'T!

Although they have very different shoots - i find that the same garments are in circulation and it bugs me. Question is: when the request comes, which publication gets firts dips on shooting a designer piece (assuming only one show-piece is available).

For this month, Elle scored a +10 for their blog-like write-up on the different fashion takes for the season (last few pages) - that was a nice one!