Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Putting the 'social' in "Social Media"

A wise man by the name of Richard Quest once said; “Nobody knows how to use social networking correctly,” but not using it is just as incorrect. Marketers and publicists, I’m afraid, have for the most part failed to use the worldwide web to sell their products and/or brands. Simple engagement with consumers via Facebook and Twitter may sound like it does the trick, but what good is a message that says “50% off on all items this Saturday” or “DJ So-and-so is playing at such-and-such on such-and-such”? Sounds like the same old advertising approach on a different medium to me.
Where marketers and publicists have failed, Hollywood celebrities seem to have been spot on; using social networking to put their own spin on what would have been candy coated tabloid junk. The New York Times uses the example of Ricky Martin and how he came out to the world. He simply posted an update on his website and let the story unfold having been the first to break it, rather than having TMZ or People run with it at their own discretion.

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