Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movies that shook Fashion

Leonardo DeCaprio in "Aviator" a Martin Scorcese Film

Having gone on about the pending premiere of Sex and the City 2, I now stumble upon a Times Online article about 25 movies that they feel “shook the world of fashion”. I don’t know half the movies they’ve listed but as I’m sure many would expect “The Devil Wears Prada” and Tom Ford’s “A Single Man”- my movie of 2010, BTW- are listed.

Some surprise listings include The Matrix, Zoolander, Coco Avant Chanel, Pulp Fiction as well as Avatar. I don’t know why Zoolander is there (lots of fashion, but can we remember what we got out of it?) but I understand that The Matrix, as they elaborate, defined turn of the millennium wannabe futurism. This translated into a distressing vogue for wraparound sunglasses and tight leather. And remember those mobile phones? Now Versace’s winter 2010 mens collection is channelling the Trinity/Neo vibe afresh. Mmmmmhhhmmm… Some great analysis right there.
Avatar, I believe, is now a case study for fashion students at LISOF (trends forecasting). Pulp Fiction? I’m sorry, Quentin Tarantino is my action master, the costume design in Kill Bill is… not so great. Although that is open for debate (I didn’t think Thurman’s yellow jumpsuit was quite the **ish).
There is not one Martin Scorcese film listed and methinks that costume designer by the name of Sandy Powell is a genius!

But then again we all have our preferences. Go check out the list and decide for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Great to see fashion being inspired by all types of arts (film), what is also interesting is the fact that costume designers are rarely given the much deserved praise because they also set trends. Oh, I think Zoolander made it into the list purely on the many fashion faux pas that the movie has from their hairstyles down to the shoes.

Blckseed said...

That's a good one, "Zoolander made it for the many fashion faux pas"
Thanks for the comment, Anonymous.