Monday, March 29, 2010


If I had a YouTube account (I'm not sure why I still don't have it), I'd share with you videos from Loxion Kulca, Darkie, DFC and Falata shows from the recent SA Fashion Week.
I'm not a fan of Loxion Kulca and I've always been honest about this. The whole "kasie" thing doesn't work for me, especially because it is never updated. There's an assumption that township style has long been defined and it should now remain like that. New ways of interpretation are not explored.
As I am sure you can see, the LK underwear collection is what's on show here. What I really loved about it was the production on the show. The presentation was an absolute gem.
A warrior, surrounded by Zulu girls closed the show; a light reference to our politics, one of the brains behind the concept told me. Thandiswa’s “Izilo”, from her sophomore album Ibokwe fit exceptionally well with the concept and as the collection graduated from underwear to actual clothes one got the sense that Loxion Kulca was aiming for more maturity.
Ole, who is now head designer at the label, managed to fuse his style- beautifully crafted jackets and formal wear- with the Loxion Kulca signature, producing something that, although not new, is probably what Loxion Kulca needed to redeem itself after years and years of stagnation. From where I sat to watch the show, I thought the quality of Loxion Kulca's denim was absolutely great and the stitching meticulous. I still wonder, though, if I can look past the brand itself to buy myself a pair.

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