Monday, March 29, 2010

Business takes Backseat at Fashion Week

All was fine; media and buyers in first and second row, friends of the designers will occupy the rest of the space. This is how seating is allocated at any fashion week, not just SA. And, as I just said, all was fine until Saturday night.
Showing; Diamond Face Couture, DM Classics, Sylvester Falata and Ephymol, suddenly the show auditorium felt like a big ass party with no intention to do business. No, this is just a show where friends come to look at what I’ve been up to in my room, dressing my barbies. Come along, friends. Come see my show. And better yet, we can get rid of these media types as well as the buyers (who are they anyways?) so you, ma darling has been tv star, can sit on the most coveted of all seats.
Yes, this is because you, my friend, are best placed to share with the world what I, the designer, have to offer. You, my firend, will make sure that my range finds its way to store railings and you, my friend, are the coolest thing ever. Look at you, looking wonderful in your matric dance-esque gown. You’re totally the **ishhh!
Sometimes I think designers just don't think. Not about business, not about their collections, but only prize the glory of popular admiration. I hope it puts dinner on the table.

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Mlwazeni kanina said...

Nice piece, Sandza...

This year's SAFW was my first, and the one thing I found weird was when we were asked to occupy the fron row seats, as there were gaps infront.

Never mind the fact that, outside was where the party, rather get together was.

But then again, a buddy of mine emerged with an explanation, saying that, people only come inside to see who they like. Which is not such a wrong thing at all.

Except that, I don't understand the purpose of the show then.

Why not just let the who's who showcase, and get rid of the not-so-likable designers.

Then it would be clear that, the purpose would only cater for those who big names already.