Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black Face on ELLE Cover

One of my greatest joys every month is that just before pay day when all I can afford is a box of 10 Stuyvies, I'm also somehow always able to fit in my beloved copy of ELLE Magazine.
This month, it happenned last night. It was a toss up between a bottle of wine or ciggies and an ELLE copy. I decided on the latter. What use is a bottle of wine if not accompanied by a pack of smokes? Naturally, ELLE it had to be.
I'm loving the cover. There's a black face for the first time in ages and there's also an ELLE investigation into the lack of black modelling talent in our industry. There's lots to read. I love reading, looking through pics gets a bit boring. So, I'm happy. Content, content, content, baby!
Love it!!! 

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