Monday, January 20, 2014


In case you are still unaware... Your girl B* has a new lingerie line which she designed in collaboration with Woolworths and it is in stores today. This is yet another stunning achievement from one of the country's brightest stars following closely on her deal to be the face of Revlon in South Africa, the first ever outside of the US. Says Queen B: "Anyone that knows me understands that I love looking good, and that process for me begins with picking the right lingerie. Walking into the partnership, I knew I wanted to put my heart and soul into the collection. I had very specific ideas I wanted to explore and a clear direction. I am truly grateful to Woolworths for granting me the freedom to tap into my creativity and the guidance throughout the process."
Well, I don't have boobies, hips or ass, but if you do, you'd best get down to your nearest Woolies and get yourself into one of her creations. For the guys out there; this comes just in time for you to surprise your loved one with new lingerie for Valentine's Day. If your girlfriend thinks you are obsessed with Bonang for doing so, well, maybe that's because you are. Maybe you can calm her down by saying; "Baby, you look even better than Queen B in this." ;)

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cas"t said...

You say you dont have Boobs hips or ass um you may not see it but trust me its there .I don think anyone ccould look as good as u do in your lingerie. . Youz a babetz..