Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I’ve been thinking about what my first blog post for 2014 should be and, while there’s plenty pictures to post from the holidays, for some reason I just haven’t got round to even transferring all the images from my camera to my computer. I guess work just took over and I’ve been delaying the things that make me happy as a result. Blogging is one of these things but more often than not, there’s very little time in our busy lives to dedicate to the things we truly care about. I’ve decided that 2014 is going to be that year where I put me first. The plan, which I can happily report is in motion as we speak, is to start dedicating more time to the things that make me smile and less time to the things that piss me off and make me feel like I’m delaying my own dreams and aspirations in favour of keeping those around me feeling happy and secure. It's a slow process but one that will surely bring me great reward in the long run. I'm confident it will. So, yes… While this post is overly delayed, I just wanted to put this out there. Maybe you, too, should think about making this your “ME” year. Discard your fears, take the plunge. Choose happiness.

PICTURES: (Blogger's own) Me in Zimbabwe, just about to board the train for the Jameson Victoria Falls Festival party that took place in the middle of a nature/game reserve. Such fun! I will be posting pictures from that trip soon. (Gotta edit... Duh!!!)
BTW. I do not know the gentleman in the hat. He was just a jolly dude who photo bombed me. Not that I mind. Happy people is what we're all about!

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