Tuesday, October 15, 2013


There are only a few things I enjoy more about Johannesburg than what Braamfontein has become. There's a very rare cosmopolitan varb that goes on there on Saturdays but most of us tend to stick to the tried and tested Neighbourgoods Market x Great Dane formula, getting drank and stuffing our faces for the better part of the day but there's a lot more to do in Braamies than just that. Anyway, just chillin' out is also a good plan and I did just that about two weekends ago when Jody Brand (@datbitchseyonce) had a photographic exhibition at one of the spaces (forgotten the name) at 70 Juta Street. Jody is a multimedia cool kid and the Main Bitch (in her words) at artist and friend Athi Patra Ruga's studio in Cape Town. She's also what we call a cool-kid-in-transit; people who regularly pop up at the coolest events in both Jozi and Cape Town. I'm trying to be one of those kids, because trust me, you can't get the full experience of what is hip and happening in South African creative indutry without having the in-transit lifestyle. Besides, it's a great way of just generally meeting kick-ass, cultured people.
Anyway. I have a few pics I took on that day. Just for the just. In case you are wondering; Jody is the one with her middle finger up and tongue out Miley Cyrus style. Afro-Missy standing with Jody's photography in the background is Negiste, whom I've known since my varsity days. Oh how old we've grown!

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