Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Don't see me grinning like that and think I was in 7th heaven or something. It was actually quite the opposite. I was asked to style a model as part of the launch of Brutal Fruit's new flavour Mango Goji Fusion. The models would put on a show and the theme was "fashion and dance". Which is all okay until they ask you to walk down the ramp with your model. Oui! It's always nice to be the kid in the background but actually coming out and taking a bow, not knowing what people will think of the ensemble you've put your model in is enough to make one sweat all of their make-up off the way I did. Firstly, we only had about three days to put it all together and secondly, yours truly was not able to go home to change and still make it to the show on time so I had to go and step up on the ramp wearing my daytime rags... Undesirable! Luckily, I was in the company of people who put the emphasis on fun rather than the way one looks. And, two, the fashion show was about having fun and not coming across as some kinda Grace Coddington. The result? A fantastic party with fantastic people! And if I have to say so myself; my model was a riot! Thanks to her I didn't spend the night sulking over what to do if all goes awry. And trust me there were times when I imagined the dress falling apart right before the crowd. Phew! Thank Heavens it didn't and thanks to Brutal Fruit and DNA Brand Architects for this brutally fabulous do. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!!

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