Sunday, September 8, 2013


I need to focus! How dare I not spot the paparazzo and act accordingly? DON'T EVER look away from the camera. Anyhu! These pics were taken last weekend when I and a few other lovely people were taken to Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria where SA Fashion Week was having a pop-up store with various of their designers displaying their wares and hopefully making ka-ching! It's a great initiative that I hope will grow from strength to strength and not stop in Pretoria. After doing a little shopping, thanks to Nedbank who were kind enough to give this blogger a shopping voucher, I and the other lovely folk, including the beautiful Celeste Khumalo (pictured) were hosted by designer Sylvester Falata and Nedbank at Tasha's where we broke bread, talked fashion, drank wine, laughed and talked smack for the rest of the afternoon. Ah! The simple things! You may be asking 'where the hell does Nedbank feature in all this?'. Well, the bank is now an SA Fashion Week sponsor in line with their #votesmallbusiness campaign. I love it when big South African businesses get involved with the local fashion industry. I think over the past few years more and more people are realising that fashion is not just about runway shows and fun times, it's business! It's wonderful to see because trust me; the more designers focus on building businesses rather than being glamourzons the easier it will be to convince the South African public that supporting local fashion is a worthy undertaking. Why? Because a focus on business naturally translates to a focus on good product delivery. The two cannot be isolated. Anyway... Enough babbling from me.

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oyendiso creations said...

It's true that we as South Africans need to take our fashiom serioisly. We need more exppsure for youmg and upcomimg designers. We have a lot of talentbut we need more exposure. We need to have more fashion design competitions.