Wednesday, September 11, 2013


She's everyone's favourite blogger, and if she's not, she's probably up there somewhere with the best. Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller blog is attracting headlines for her soon-to-be released book "Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls". I absolutely love the title and I look forward to reading her memoirs even though she's two years younger than me, I am sure there is much to be learnt from the very eventful life of one of the world's most recognisable and undoubtedly most successful fashion bloggers. With that said; many have sought to portray Medine as someone who doesn't like men, but hey, she's married! I guess because she once said a man who doesn't like how you dress is probably not worth your time in the first place it is easy to put her in that category of women who are anti-men, whatever this means. I tend to agree with Medine and trust me how one dresses is a big headache in gay circles. Some would have us believe that those of us who are single and decidedly flamboyant- and I've been told this before, by friends nogal- will remain so simply because the way we dress chases potential suitors away. As you will know, I love blouses and lately, I've been wearing nothing else but size 28 skinnies from the women's section simply because I think it suits me better then the cuts available to men. And here you were thinking I dress like this because I want to be a step closer to womanhood. Not a chance! I love being male. I couldn't imagine not having a penis. Besides, if I woke up tomorrow and had a vagina the only thing it would solve is how society looks at me; "you're a woman, naturally you must be attracted to men". No! I'm happy to be a man attracted to other men, thank you very much!
Anyhu... Before I stray from the topic. I identify very much with the idea that a man you repel simply because of what you wear is simply not the kind of man you want to be attracting anyway. Perhaps it is this idea that endears Medine to me. I am really excited about reading her book and I wish those gays- and women, I guess- who force themselves to be a particular way in order to attract guys will one day learn that such things shouldn't matter. What must matter, I believe, is what you feel for the other person. Am I right or am I right? Yes, I am!

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Zimmy** said...

Such a candid, honest post! Nice one Sandiso!