Friday, September 20, 2013


Ah! Mr Elba! As you most probably know by now; Idris Elba is the man of the moment thanks to the upcoming movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. How amazing is it to see the world giving this much attention to a South African story that has been turned into a movie made by South Africans? Never mind the fact that Idris isn't South African. Producer Anant Singh did say just the other day that the best man got the job. I have no reason to doubt that. Besides, which South African star could make global box office gold all on their own. Whether or not we like it, we do need foreign big names to star alongside our own in locally made films that we want to market to the world. Anyways, Elba speaks about raising a child that wasn't his own and shows men how to rock the three piece suit in this issue of US GQ. Read the story here.

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