Monday, January 10, 2011

Bloggers United!

The title of this post is my way of acknowledging my fellow bloggers, a lot of whom I know personally, for the support they've shown me over the past year of blogging on this space. I also would like to thank all of you for taking time every now and again to check out what this blogger has to say on issues relating to fashion and life. I appreciate all of you and hope you will continue to support.
With that said, here are a couple of comments that you have left on these pages recently that I enjoyed reading. See, even when we disagree on certain issues, what always makes me smile is that we are slowly achieving what for me is an important goal; beginning to have a dialogue about fashion!

Stacey: Commenting on "The Non-Existant Fashion Journalism in SA"
"What an interesting read! Though I do tend to agree with the various points that you make, I find myself siding with Maque DeGorgeous on this topic. A runway is a designers platform to present to someone, anyone, in a visual manner, all the creative ideas and mysteries that have filled his/her mind for however long a period of time. It is not, in my opinion, the platform to present that which is practical, unless your creative inspiration was rooted in practicality. It is the role of magazines, their stylists and the representatives of fashion media to take what is on a runway and present it in a wearable way to their audience. It is their job to interpret trends and make something practical out of the outrageous. Fashion is Art. And I think it's great if designer has the budget and backing to present the ideas of his mind with reckless abandon!"

Buhle: Commenting on "Starting 2011 off on a Highly Fashionable Note"
"Good for you Sandiso! Its great that bloggers are making forays into glossies! You're a great ambassador for us bloggers!"
(Note to Buhle: Thank you very much for the vote of confidence)
Buhle blogs at

Vuyo: Commenting on "Milisuthando Bongela: Marie Claire's Blogger of the Month"
"Her blog is awesome and so informative...It has given me a view I did not have into the fashion industry and how to appreciate fashion, especially our SA fashion talent."
(Note to Vuyo: Glad that you are learning something from bloggers. I'm sure Mili is also glad to have contributed something. That is, after all, what we all aim to do; contribute to the growth of South African fashion. Wonderful!)

Juan Camilo: Commenting on "Leopard Print for Men... Would you (Let him)?"
"World is changing, we're in post modern time, so why should we feel ashame of trying new stuff, we most do the difference, because if we keep waiting for the mind developend of the poeple of the world we will keep being a mannequin controlated by the media and just doing what they do think that you should do...if you get my point, risk yourself, i love animal prints i wish i could get more of then, shameless my country is even more closed mind... wish you well."

Maque DeGorgeous on "The Non Existent Fashion Journalism in SA"
"You raise valid points in this article but i just want to unpack a few points and give my feedback on it: "There’s also this sickening mentality that if a designer’s collections are simple and practical, this designer has no idea what they are doing. Fashion is an art." - I touched on this topic in one of my posts. I believe that a ramp is about telling a story. it needs the glitz, glam and razmatazz as with a broadway show. Presenting unimaginative pieces (which may be practical) is letting yourself down. ART should be fresh and new! I should not thinkwhen watching a show); i saw that in truworths or i can recreate that with something i saw at Mr Price-matched with something from my closet or worse still; Kluk did that last season... it should be fresh! Couture is fabulous but not practical - agreed. but have you seen the watered-down version of the garments? this is the angle writers and stylists should focus on! It's practical and adaptable to everyday life, well, almost! As you once aptly put it - fashion shows should be a meeting of designers, fashion writers, editors (stylists included), buyers and creative students (for learning purposes) - and these are people with an eye to interpret your message and therefore sell it to the masses. You cannot present a simple maxi dress and expect me to get excited - true that as a stylist it offers a fantastic foundation but in my humnble opinion - writers/editors/stylists should have a top-down approach (unpack what's presented and translate it into a wearable garment to suite the consumer. As for fashion writers/editors - it's disgusting that trinkets buy their favour and unfortunately that - and not your specific talent - seems to be the currency these days. I believe this is where the blogosphere becomes important! Traditional media have to please, bloggers don't! Fashion Journalism is poor in the country, that I will agree with! I had a brief discussion on this subject with Thula (though the focus was primarily on a well known blogger who's changed his style writing)- he has opted to become a fashion-celebrity-socialite and fails to deliver the tongue-in-cheek which his blog was known for. He is not subjective any more. He plays to the tune of the designers to score whatever is thrown his way. Though i still love his blog - it's lost it's lustre for me. The point here is; as soon as your focuses changes from writing and publicising to being the "celebrity," then you've lost the plot! Sorry about the blog-in-a-blog and the scattered ideas presented - but i absolutley loved this article! We should do a colab on this - a full debate on some of the ideas presented - i think it would be a great afternoon! call a few designers to chip in and see what they have to say... "
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These are only a few of many comments I've been blessed to receive from you. Blogger or not, it excites me to think there are many of us out there who feel it is important to engage about fashion.
My journey continues and I'd like nothing more than to believe that you will continue to stay on this ride with me. Thanks to all of you who congratulated my crossover to mainstream media (magazines).

Much Love

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