Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are Men Finding Therapy in Retail, too?

Well, if an article in Women's Wear Daily is anything to go by, men are finding a new competitive ground and that is fashion. Apparently experts say there is an increase in men's wear sales that is being fuelled by the recession. Men's pockets are shrinking and they are looking to fashion as a less expensive way to assert themselves.
“From a psychological perspective, fashion is pleasurable. It’s a way to express a sense of hope. A new shirt can change your mood. A new suit can give you confidence. A new pair of shoes makes you look at life differently,” says Marc Gobé, president of think-tank Emotional Branding LLC.
“Fashion is not an expensive way to feel good about yourself. At a time when the economy is tough and people have lots of anxieties on their shoulders, there’s been a big change in how men are looking at fashion."
I wonder how true it is. I know personally I don't need to be convinced by economic patterns that I need fashion as a "competitive hobby", I just love clothes. But I do find some truth in this because men do have egoes that need stroking. Fashion does that brilliantly. Tell anyone how good they look and their face involuntarily attests to this. Read the article on WWD here.

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