Friday, April 11, 2014


It's always so nice to see my favourite people gathered in one place and more often than not, it is usually around fashion! No surprises there, innit? Last night I attended's winter 2014 launch, which coincided with their first birthday, so, happy birthday to you Spree!
The site has also launched a menswear section, which I have to say is pretty darn decent, so they showcased both men's and women's wear, as styled by fashion director Chris Viljoen and his team of stylists.

MOOD: I got pretty tipsy towards the end of it all. The bubbles kept flowing as did the wine and, I mean, I like sipping! So, yeah, that made me happy. As previously stated, I also enjoyed seeing some of my favourite Capetonians.
TRENDS: Checks, leather, texture (faux fur, knits, quilts and all), pleats, prints (mostly aztec print sweaters for men) stood out for me.
PEOPLE SPOTTING: I am terrible at the picture thing. I always forget my camera (this needs to change). I hate asking for people to "please take a picture" because they often fuck it up anyway, so i end up with no pictures a lot of the time *sigh*. But anyway! Masterchef winner Kamini Pather was there with a dashing gentleman. She whispered in my ear that she may just have a surprise in store: a TV show!!! How nice? Can I also have one of those? Anyone?
All pictures are by Simon Deiner (SDR photo)

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