Thursday, April 10, 2014


There is nothing "normal" about fashion and that's the reason I fell in love with her. I can't imagine this world without the bitchy queens, eager beavers, self-assured magazine types, the wannabes and the downright wacky. It's weird, it's wonderful, it's simply beautiful! I cannot, for a second, imagine arriving at a fashion event to be greeted by a community of mommy jeans, New balance running shoe and logo tee-wearing Benoni types (sorry, Benoni, but you just beg for it). I'd have to ask where the gossip is going to come from if we're all looking so ugly! Where will the "OMG! What the fuck was **** wearing?" come from? But most of all, where will the glamour and inspiration come from? Would we still have eager bloggers taking street style snaps and pseudo-celeb types acting like it wasn't their intention to get snapped to begin with?
There's nothing normal about the fashion world and, actually, what keeps fashion exciting is the very fact that we all thirst for the new, the innovative and the novel. So, when the whole world is going on about #normcore, I'm just SMH-ing at the stupidity of it all. How dare you think dressing up like you're about to call me "oke" is fashionable? And for the magazines that are embracing this atrocity against fashion: stop right now! You know you're not about to trade your fur for fleece!
It's very simple, really! People are drawn to fashion because it is fascinating. Normal, on the other hand, rejects uniqueness. Normal is the reason why there's disdain for my nail-polish, blouse wearing, handbag-carrying ways. Normal wants you to look ugly! Normal wants you to believe that your pretty face and beautiful body must remain a blank canvas. Where's the fun in that? Don't be fooled by hashtags. There's nothing to #normcore!

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