Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today I went to the launch of fabric designer Heather Moore's new collection called Rough Cuts. I don't usually go to launches outside of the fashion and entertainment industries, so this was a bit of a delightful surprise. I'm already a fan of great South African design all-round so it is rather awesome to be able to interact with designers beyond fashion- my comfort zone.
Heather's collection- from her label called Skinny laMinx- takes inspiration from Scandinavian styles but as you can see in the pictures it doesn't feel out of place on African soil. Last year, the designer collaborated with Design Afrika's Binky Newman who sources and designs basketry from across southern Africa. The two spoke of how their collaboration ended up being a realisation of the synergy between their products despite the fact that Binky's baskets are from Africa and Heather's fabrics are Scandinavian inspired. I find the fabrics beautiful and I couldn't help thinking of some of them as print pants, something I am totally in love with lately, as I am sure most of you are. It's just that trend I cannot resist! At the launch they also had some furniture upholstered in Heather's fabrics. To die for!
Visit Skinny laMinx at skinnylaminx.com

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Binky said...

So pleased to have been part of the launch. I am also a great admirer of heathers work.