Tuesday, March 19, 2013



When Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ album dropped a few months ago and many were going crazy about the controversial pop star, Beyonce’s fans were on hand to remind them that ‘the Queen will return’. And right on cue; the modern day Michael Jackson has released a song reminding us that she is indeed the Queen Bee!
Some of the lyrics on the song, titled Bow Down include; ‘Don’t get it twisted. This is my shit. Bow down, bitches’
You’ve got it right. Beyonce knows that she is a huge superstar and she won’t let no other bitch take her shine. Thanks to twitter, we already know that should Beyonce decide to release the track she put out online this Monday as a single it will be an instant hit. Her fans have been defending her and attacking those who dare to say they do not like it. Fellow singer Keysha Cole has already felt the heat after she raised her ire at the Queen Bee’s lyrics. She was called a hater by some.
But... Singing about bitches? Really? Is this the same Beyonce who often speaks about feminism and was just two years ago singing about how girls run the world? Not now. She’s the only girl that runs the world and other women must just sit down! Her fans are okay with this new Beyonce, it seems. The reason? They couldn’t be bothered about the conflict between what Beyonce appears to stand for and what she says in her lyrics. This is most probably because none of them are paying attention to the lyrics despite the fact that they are singing them. All they know is that their Queen is back. I’ve once pointed out that I think Rihanna is Beyonce sans the unnecessary dignity that she carries around even to the halls of the White House. The fact that she is calling people bitches won’t matter though because all will bow down to the Queen. I’ve always liked Beyonce’s music and, quite frankly, I do not like this track very much. The hypocrisy that oozes from the words is part of the reason, but the other reason is that I just don’t particularly enjoy listening to Beyonce in ‘chopped and screwed’ mode. I like her voice in its natural state without the technical gimmicks. Who knows, maybe I'll soon forget about all I've just said, start liking the track and you'll find me breaking it down at a club telling them bitches to bow the fuck down! I've been known to be a bit slow on the Beyonce uptake. I wonder if I'll be able to shake off my thoughts on her and calling people female dogs though. It's just not the Beyonce I've come to enjoy. Can I be granted at least a little bit of forgiveness now that I admitted to liking her voice?

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