Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'm blown away by the trailer from James Franco's new film titled "Interior Leather Bar". The Sundance Festival selection is a film about filmmaking... and this is where the juicy part is; it's based on rumours that directors of the '80s film "Cruising" had to cut and destroy 40-minutes of gay S&M footage in order to avoid an X-rating. Here's what James Franco had to say about his new project (directed in collaboration with Travis Mathews):

"I wanted to be taken on a ride. I wanted to make a film that was as much about the experience as it was about making something. I wanted to go to a place of uncertainty, to set up parameters and then let the movie make itself. I wanted to explore the beauty of queerness, beautiful because it is counter to everything normal. As “straight” becomes the new “gay,” I wanted to find places where the anti-normative still thrived. Travis became my partner and guide on a trip to the queer-side."


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