Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm not a black woman. Nor am I dude sitting on the sidelines complaining about girls with weaves, but the debate over black hair has always been one I find interesting. It is one that affects black women more than it does me, but the debate itself is of such a nature that it goes to the very core of the self image we have of ourselves as black people (I always found it unfair how we were not allowed to rock dreadlocks in high school, this I just had to mention). Do girls rock weaves because they want to emulate the Beyonce's of this world or, even worse, do they find a weave's resemblance to Caucasian hair closer to beauty than nappy, curly black hair? Discussing black hair can indeed get political. This is why when I was browsing, running across a headline that reads "... Natural Hair movement personal, not political" I had to open the blog and find out what it's all about. This is how I stumbled across this heart warming short video about one black woman's hair journey and how going natural impacted on more than just the furry ball of black matter on her head. 

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