Monday, February 13, 2012


PIC: A preview of Suzaan Heyn's Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign shot by Chris Saunders.

Suzaan Heyns is, for me, one of the few local designers who are able to present beautiful, wearable fashion without taking the 'show' out of 'fashion week show'. Sitting on those seats, watching the models sachay down the runway it is easy to assume that, well, Heyns is just another avant garde designer- beautiful, but how practical? That's until you actually get to see the garments in close range and touch the various pieces that make up a look from any of the shows. You come to a realisation that it is nothing more than the styling of the looks she puts the models in during the runway shows that make it seem like the clothes are not practical. I love that! Too many designers make a point of making locally produced fashion so 'eventy' that one ends up asking how worthy their clothes are of one's hard earned cash if spending a pretty penny only gives you one date with the garments. Those who lean more towards 'pret-a-porter' also tend to overdo it to a point where it just feels too pedestrian. Suzaan Heyns knows hopw to strike a balance!
It is with this in mind that I wish her the best of luck with the 'Most Beautiful Object in South Africa' award for which she is nominated for at this year's Design Indaba.

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