Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Right Royal Affair

This year's Vodacom Durban July could be the subject of much excitement as people get ready to dress up like Emperors, Princesses and probably Queens. It's a wonderful theme, but what worries me is how people may interprete it.
It is, of course, one that can get one's mind racing uncontrollably as they ponder an inspiration- Kate Middleton, the Queen herself or maybe even King Shaka of the Zulus? I am scared!
Over the past couple of years the fashion at the Durban July got designer Gideon quite perplexed. So "hurt" was he with the trivial standards that fashion at the races had descended to, he wrote a letter to a Durban newspaper complaining about it.
"Being a Durban designer, I feel proud to be from Durban and hold events such as this one very close to my heart. The July was always South Africa’s most elegant and sophisticated race day, however in the past few years I feel it has degenerated into a farce on fashion," he was quoted as saying.
Royalty and elegance go hand in hand for me. So, why not try something along these lines....
Pic: T Magazine, New York Times

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