Monday, June 6, 2011

It doesn't have to be Fashion Week!

At the risk of sounding somewhat insistent on the subject of the many fashion weeks that exist in South Africa, I have to share my thoughts about the wonderful event I thought Durban's Fashion Extravaganza, held at the weekend, was.
While some seem to believe that the words "fashion week" can and should be attached to any event with a runway, models and whomever claims to be a fashion designer, a Durban-based company decided to take a different route, introducing what they called the "homecoming" of the coastal city's fashion talent.
Never mind the sheer genius of holding the event on the Moyo Pier- it was bound to garner a lot of interest- the idea of bringing together some of SA fashion's biggest names, showcasing in an event that also featured young, unknown talent from the city, is something I think other groups or individuals, across the country, who organise pseudo-fashion weeks should try to emulate.
No, I'm not saying cut and paste the damn idea, but rather find something unique about their various cities and centre the event around that.
There are many ways, as I have said many times before, of contributing to the growth of South African fashion. Fashion is one industry that embraces diversity and change than probably any other I can think of. Bore fashionistas with a lack of originality and you've already lost our attention. This may be something anyone mulling a Bloemfontein Fashion Week ought to consider. Well, that's just an example. All I'm saying is; it doesn't have to be another "fashion week" to be a fashion event.

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